Wednesday, July 6, 2011

tetrarc installed, Pool Deck Area, Hyatt, Chennai.

tetrarc on the plinth, Hyatt, Chennai

Final step.
Alignment checked.
Thanks to the crew.

tetrarc getting closer to be installed, Hyatt, Chennai

Piece was moved close to the plinth.
The mould was unbolted.
Palanquin placed in position and
Everyone was ready for the last step to install!!!

lifting tetrarc with the mould, Hyatt, Chennai

A few plants were moved from near the plinth.
It was great fun to see the big crane,
Sculpture was lifted onto the third floor of the hotel building.

shipped tetrarc no3

On way to Chennai.
120k from Pondicherry.
Slow drive along coromondal coast.
Started at 6am, Hyatt at 11am, Unloaded.

packing tetrarc no3, GBP

A sheet of sponge covering the piece,
Fiber and steel mould, in which the piece is packed.
Loaded on an open lorry.
Drove behind it at 40k/hr.

preparation for packing tetrarc no3, GBP

Moved and prepared the piece for packing.

This piece weighs approx 500kgs.

There is hardly any surface area to hold onto and lift the piece.

Hence a metal contraption was made. This has a curved sheet welded onto pipes. This slides under the piece, separated by sponge. There is a channel made for two pipes to run into perpendicularly.


lifting off tetrarc no3 base, GBP

Next Herculean task was to pick up the piece off the clay firing support.

Rescue gear
fiber and steel mould
heavy thick ropes
palette truck