Monday, July 9, 2012

Mukambika, Asthua. Kiln unpack n results

 After a day of wait, I unpacked the kiln and got satisfactory results.

 I have a few friends who made some things in clay, helped in each step of the work. Vandana and Vipul.

 Bricks as shelves and posts, will be gathering infrastructure bit by bit. Presently working with limited resources.

 We spread the ash on leaves in the garden. It helps keep away bugs that damage the leaf.

 Tetrarc installation.

: )

Mukambika, Asthua. Kiln firing

 I packed my pots with shelves and posts made out of bricks.

 Stuffed saw dust, cow dung cakes and newspaper in between the ware. Made a make shift kiln with red bricks. Used clay to fill the gaps in between the bricks.

 A pair of roof tiles (khapara) became the chimney to my updraft terracotta kiln.
 I started firing at 4pm, with mango wood and some random twigs. Nearly in four hours I got a good colour in the chamber.

 Closed the kiln at 930pm, after the last logs of wood had burnt down.

 My little damper. :)
 The kiln cooled in two days.