Wednesday, July 8, 2015

'Turning towards Light' Berlin 2015

Sculpture which began to be called 'Sunflower'
inspired by the flowers blooming next to my studio in India;
this piece was crafted at Zentrum fur Keramik,
a residency for Ceramics, Berlin.

This work is an offering to the Progress
Our(human) Conciousness
Aspiring such that all our beings are
'Turning towards Light'

Installed at Auroville Garden, Priester Weg, Berlin


Courtesy - Isa Wagner, Georg Stollenwerk, Muna Wagner
and all SACB members.

'Unsaid Words' at Zentrum fur Keramik, Berlin









 It was possible because of Thomas, Kaja, Susanna, Juan
and all the friends who agreed to share their story.

Presentation and Open studio on 21st June 2015; at Zentrum fur Keramik, Berlin

Thomas introducing....

Where am I ... from??
Who am I?

Followed by

Juan 's presentation

Open Studio...


In the garden




The longest day of the year;
Birthday of my mentor;
Special day for the moment!

Studio in full swing at Zentrum fur Keramik, Berlin