Sunday, January 31, 2016

Life in Logan - Grad Student - Seasons

The beauty of the area where I live
the seasons
the changes
the experiences
& more....

Monday, January 18, 2016

Life in Logan - Grad Student - fall at home

A glimpse of life outside the studio 

John and Atsuko gave me this
It is Japanese kanji for An - tora - un.
The first two syllables make my name.
The meaning is Peaceful tiger hermitage.
I love this name for my living space.
Am happy to call my studio the same!

Now on, its the fun things I make and do at home.

Indian breakfast - Chura dahi + gur aur kela.
flattened rice with yogurt jaggery and banana.

Fruit salad.

Persimmon, Yurika had got from San Diego.
Sprouted gram and cheese with bread and butter.

Indian style chicken

Yurika making apple cookies.

This time it is apple pie.

Idli sambar, 
left over after a dinner at Sibhu and Usha's place.
It was a fun evening and great food!!

Huku - Yurika's cat.

My office table at home!!

Yurika made some delicious cookies for Christmas!