Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tetrax 4ft. @GBP, Pondicherry

Exhibition is over!! next what?

Now, its time to make a tetrax (name of my sculptural form, i have been working with for a few years). I have made some tetrax's 18" size, 3"size and three feet size. This time i am making a four feet tetrax!! :)

the black form is a same size mock piece, made out of mica sheets.

a base mould has been carved ( i was working on it over the month of November) and now the work is clay starts....

and this is how it looks after three days of work with clay and jute cloth!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


the exhibit before everyone came in....

pASHion, at Sarjan Art Gallery

several months of work, and then three full days at the gallery to set up the show.
and we inaugurated the show PashION. on the 5th of december,
with a minute of silence for passing away of a sculptor Bhupen Burman, who was a teacher at the faculty of fine arts, m.s.u. baroda. he was 36, and had a massive heart attack in the morning of 5th dec. his wife and son survive him.

the show is unique for Indian audience. it is the result of a kind of firing done in a kiln called anagama.
this kiln has 200cft of firing space. it takes a couple of months to make the pots or sculptures, half a month or so for the pieces to dry and then bisque fir them. after which we plan the way these pieces will be placed in the kiln, its called a mock load. then the pieces are sparingly glazed. i say sparingly because it is the natural ash deposit on the pieces which is the desired result from this kiln. once all the pieces are ready to go in the kiln, it takes three days to load the kiln. this kiln was fired for 75 hours. (you may read previous blogs if u r interested in the details of the firing). after three days of cooling, we unloaded the kiln and cleaned the pieces.

these works are on display untill the 19th of december, at sarjan art gallery, baroda.0265-2356050

so if u r in and around baroda, may wish to see it in real.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


awaiting to get to baroda.. though preparation still to be done ;)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Jaspur, Ceramic Art Camp

had been to a ceramic art camp, organized by Uttarayan Foundation at Jaspur, Baroda.
lots of fun and work.
some work images!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009