Saturday, September 29, 2012

Chinnagama, Unloading....@ GBP, Pondicherry

 Today we pulled down the door. In our excitement took out pieces from the front.. without removing the shelfs... Some beautiful pots.
 Awaiting the full unload on monday. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Chinnagama - second day of the firing, GBP, Pondicherry

At the end of 30 hours into the firing, we had a nice ash built up in the front, and the rest of the chamber must be around 1100 deg C. When the morning crew arrived, they started the side stoke. Through the day they did three cycles of build up and burn off, of side stoke one; and two cycles at side stoke two. Continuing to feed the front with big logs of wood. Nearing 42 hours into the firing, the night crew arrived and ...... we were expecting to fire the whole night.... guess what, the pots looked beautiful. All except one cone ten were down. We all were sure we did not wish to get too much ash on pots.  ;)..... 

The kiln has fired beautifully, we all agreed to STOP!!. 42 hour firing instead of 60 or so... lets see what results we get!!! : ) Expectantly waiting.....

The crew - Akila, Ashwini, Ray, Rakhee, Antra, Rangita, Nausheen, Kaveri and Iber. : ))

Chinnagama firing, midnight madness @ GBP, Pondicherry

Second night at the firing. Weather was pleasant and the crew was rocking ! )